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Summer Swing Festivals Galore!

Fancy testing out your swing in a fun environment?

If you’ve been keeping up with this blog then you might have already seen how we like to encourage dancers to get out and about as much as possible, as early as possible. 

Swing Dancing was built around the concept of socialising, so it only makes sense that you should take your new found skills into a social atmosphere to test them out. It can be stressful taking your dancing out of the classroom and into the public arena for the first time, but don’t worry, dance events are less about judging each other and are more about participation.

We’ve already suggested a handful of Dinner & Dance events that you can attend, but if you’d rather start out at somewhere even more relaxed then you can try booking yourself into one of these Swing Festivals:

IpSwing Vintage Music and Dance Festival

This festival is in its very first year and promises to take guests back in time celebrating music from the 30s right the way through to the 60s. There’ll be live bands, singers and DJs playing a unique blend of upbeat vintage tunes giving you plenty of opportunity to give your newfound dance skills a test run in a fun environment. The lineup includes Katie’s Crooked Swing Band and Tessa Smith and the Applejacks.

Bristol Shag Fiesta

This popular dance festival is not just for Shag dancers! All kinds of swing dance is welcome at the Bristol Shag Fiesta and there’s always a good supply of live bands to keep you swinging. There’s a fantastic atmosphere of inclusivity here too, so you’re guaranteed to feel welcome whatever skill level you find yourself at.

JATS Brighton Swing Festival

JATS stands for ‘Jump At The Seaside‘, this is a fantastic location to dance at and the number of skilled teachers will be able to put you through your paces and hopefully bring your swing dance game up a few notches. There are always plenty of dancers in attendance, so you won’t have to worry about finding a partner either.

Leeds Swing Exchange

All types of Swing are welcome at the Leeds Swing Exhange, an event that prides itself on its bubbly dancers and variety of social events. There’s plenty to see and do besides dancing whilst you’re here including tours, picnics and lots of live music.

Bal Extra

Balboa might not be as popular as the Lindy Hop, but it still enjoys popularity around the world and is particularly well loved for its vibrant rhythmic weight shifts and lead-follow partnership. Due to its lack of ‘flashy’ or ‘showy’ tricks Balboa is considered a dance for dancers rather than a spectator sport, which makes it particularly tricky to learn, thankfully there are teachers on hand at Bal Extra to take you through it.

London Throwdown

Organised by the massive dance community, Swing Patrol, the London Throwdown is a perfect introduction to the world of competitive dancing that doesn’t require newcomers to compete. There are plenty of opportunities for social dancing here in between watching some of the best competitors from around the world throwing down against each other.

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