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Northampton Swing Dance Society

Established 8th November 1999

Image Cotton Club, Sunday 1

Image Cotton Club, Sunday 2

Image Cotton Club, Sunday 3

Image Christmas 2016

Image Halloween 2016

Image Christmas 2015

Image Christmas 2014

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Jive Aces


Sticky Wicket

Delapina Swing

Sonny & the Honeydippers

The John Dunmore Boogie Band

The Stray Horns

The Jiveoholics

Lindy Hop/Swing Dance Sites

Swingdance MK

Swing dance fever is back uniting and connecting us on and off the dance floor!

Midlands Dancing

Dance Classes and Events in the Midlands

Dance Events Diary


Lindy Hop in St Neots Area

Cambridge Lindy

Lindy Hop in Cambridge

Bedford Swing Dance Society

Lindy Hop classes in Bedford

Cambs and Beds LindyHop Experience

Lindy in the Sticks

Mad Hatters' Swing Dance Club

Lindy Hop classes in Bedworth, Birmingham, Kenilworth & Rugby

Get in the Swing

Lindy Hop classes at Steeple Morden,
Royston, Herts

The Lindy Circle

Loads of info on the London Lindy Hop scene

Leicester Lindy Hop

Lindy Hop classes and events in Leicester

The London Swing Dance Society

Supports and Promotes Swing Dance Events, Classes and Performances

Nottingham Lindy Hop

Nottingham Lindy Hop runs weekly classes in Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz at The Old School Hall, Windmill Lane, Sneinton, Nottingham.

Nottingham Swing Dance Society

Classes and events in Nottingham


Dance weekenders for Lindy Hop and Jive


Lindy Hop in London with Martin Ellis


Lindy Hop community in Hertfordshire.
Joseph and Trisha Sewell teach and organise events

London Swing Cats

Authentic Lindy Hop in London

Swing Jive in Leeds

Dance class & dance information


Lindy Hop, swing music and dancing, news reviews and events in London,
the UK and around the world from the Tuxedo Junction.


Twinwoods Bedford 40's dance events

Jive +

Jive + Lindy Hop classes at Aylesbury High School, with 2x UK Champion Andy Fleming


Mike and Mel's swing dance classes and freestyle dance events

London Swing Dance Society

Run by Simon Selmon: Dancer, Choregrapher and Teacher

The Tower Museum Bassingbourn

Home of the 'Memphis Belle'


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