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Hire Swing Dancers For Your Event!

Are you looking to make your next party or event that extra bit special?

Hire one of these fantastic Swing dance troupes to bring a bit of pizzazz to your next event.

Organising a party is no mean feat; it involves time, effort and commitment to pull together a great event but there are a few shortcuts to party success that you can take in order to alleviate some of the pressure. The task that any events coordinator is up against when organising a birthday party or anniversary celebration is concerned with a simple question:

How can I make this event unforgettable?

Having a brilliant spread of food should certainly be on your agenda, as should drinks and live music, but have you considered adding that ‘something extra’ to really make your event one for the books?

It can often be the little touches that make a party truly stand out from the crowd,  these ‘little touches’ don’t necessarily have to cost you a fortune either! Seemingly simple decorative centrepieces such as beautifully carved ice sculptures or flower arrangements can be affordable if you shop around and might well make the difference in your guests’ opinions. However, if your budget is a bit bigger then you’ll be able to afford to pay live performers which are certain to turn any simple event into a full-on spectacle!

These Swing Dance troupes offer some of the best live entertainment in the country, check their websites out to find out more:

Swingdance UK

Simon Selmon and Anna Lambrechts founded Swingdance UK in 1986, they’re experts teachers who run numerous weekly classes in addition to offering their services for hire.

As a duo they can either perform a 10 minute-2 hour show, or even teach your guests how to dance themselves.

Swing Patrol

Swing Patrol are less a performance troupe and more of a Swing Dancing collective. Ranging in ages and styles, they are a true community of well over 1500 dancers who perform, take fitness classes, teach swing and hold competitions.

The Swing Era

Based in Birmingham, this dance school was started by Martyn Nelson in 2014 who is a relative newcomer to the game himself having only been dancing since 2008!

In addition to dancing, Martyn also plays in his band ‘Martyn Nelson and the Rhythm Remedies‘, you can hire them as a band in addition to a dance troupe associated with the Swing Era for the complete package.

Jive Swing

Having performed up and down the country in some of the biggest venues in the world (including the Royal Albert Hall and Canary Wharf), Jive Swing are well known for their energetic live performances that have wowed audiences all around the world. They dance a range of styles such as the Charleston, Cake Walk and Lindy Hop.

Down for the Count

This professional collective of musicians and dancers provide a huge range of performance options, but top of the pile has to be their Vintage Swing Collective. Their popular Swing Orchestrea comes complete with The Hotfoot Strutters making for a pitch-perfect night that will be sure to make your night one to remember.

Swing Dance Legends

The History of Swing is a long and illustrious one…

Although ‘swing’ dancing is now considered to be just one style of many types of modern dance that are related to ‘ballroom dancing’, its origins could not be further from this current reality.

At the peak of its popularity Swing dancing was performed in hundreds of styles. Only a handful of these styles are still practised today but it’s where these styles originated that is most interesting. The Lindy Hop, Collegiate Shag, Charleston and all the other styles of Swing have their roots in African American culture. The originators of swing dance were recent descendants of slaves and former slaves; so, much in the same way that blues music had its roots in the tribal music of Africa, you can draw a straight line between the ritualistic vernacular dances of Africa and swing as it appears today.

As with all movements, Swing’s existence today is thanks to a number of innovators who exemplified the very best of the style:

“Shorty George” Snowden

One of two famous Georges associated with Swing dance, George Snowden was bequeathed his nickname due to his diminutive stature, he stood at just over 5 feet tall. ‘Shorty’ danced with Big Bear, a similarly talented dancer who was much taller than him, their act would often end comically with Bea lifting Shorty over her shoulder with ease. Snowden was considered to be the top dancer at the Savoy from its opening in 1927 until his ‘dethroning’ in 1935 by a man who would revive Swing for a new generation altogether.

Frankie Manning

Alongside ‘Shorty George’, Frankie Manning is often considered to be one of the founders of the Lindy Hop and although it would be impossible to credit him completely with its beginning we can certainly thank him for contributing to its revival and continued popularity. Frankie wrested the title of top dancer from ‘Shorty George’ in 1935 when he debuted the ‘air-step’ to a packed crowd at the Savoy. After spending three decades working for the Postal Service he was coaxed out of retirement in the 80s and helped revive the movement.

Jack Carey

An unsung hero of Swing, Jack Carey was born in 1927 in South Carolina. He learned to dance swing at a very young age which allowed him to purse a career in show business. Amongst a slew of successful competition runs with his wife Lorraine, the pair also performed in movies, most famously appearing in the Jerry Lewis picture Living It Up. Jack would later go on to promote Swing by organising his own competition and coining his very own style: West Coast Swing.

Leroy “Stretch” Jones

Often considered to the flipside of ‘Shorty George’ Snowden, Leroy Jones stood at over 6 feet tall and danced with a much shorter partner, Little Bea.

Despite being a huge influence on the likes of Frankie Manning and other Lindy Hoppers, Leroy Jones’ career was blighted by repetition. His fellow dancers noted his lack of enthusiasm as the years went by and he grew tired of dancing the same routine for the enjoyment of others.